Wartune is an exciting combination of strategy and a MMORPG that throws you right into action from the very beginning.  After being wrongly accused of killing your own father you seek revenge. You friends are now your enemies and these new enemies look strangely familiar. They reek of chaos and destruction. Could it be that evil has found its way into the heart of the human realm?   

This free browser game is full of dynamic battles, epic quests, bloodthirsty monsters, and murky dungeons. Enjoy playing with three unique classes; explore mysterious single and multiplayer dungeons. Join a guild or test your battle skills in the arena. Whether this is your first gaming experience or you consider yourself a battle-worn veteran, Wartune has you covered. 

The World in the Grip of Chaos 

After the Great War between the Gods of Light and Dark ended, the world began to heal itself. It was an era of peace and restoration. Humankind rose to power and created numerous kingdoms across all three continents. No one had expected that a new threat would emerge. The Void. Countless evil entities are growing in the realm of chaos. Their eyes, full of greed and envy, are set out to destroy everything in sight. Yaros, the King of Destruction, is leading the legions of chaos. Only a true hero can stop him. Are you ready to be the one?

Your Destiny

There are many ways of fighting evil. Wartune offers you three classes with different abilities. Choose the one that best fits your style.

  • Knight. A noble warrior, master of the blade. This class uses powerful melee attacks to cut and smash enemies. 
  • Mage. A keeper of ancient knowledge and master of the elements. Uses arcane spells and the power of nature to destroy evil.
  • Archer. This class uses a bow to hit the enemy where it hurts the most. 

By leveling up in this free MMORPG, you will unlock new skills and features — talents, pets, gems, and enchantments. All of this adds up to a truly unique character building experience. 

The Art of War 

In this free browser game players enjoy real-time action and fight directly in the battle. Use your tactical skills to arrange your characters on the battlefield, wait for the right moment to unleash powerful magic, and watch your enemies crumble! 
Apart from fighting with demons and saving the world, players can also take part in various PvP battles. Duels, arenas, clan wars, and much more — players have virtually limitless opportunities to prove themselves. 

The World of Wartune Awaits 

Colorful graphics, blasting sound effects, exciting storyline and dynamic PvP battles — these are just a few of the features in this free browser game. Join now and start your adventure!

game rating: 4.4

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scargirl4 months ago
yep pepole like echother their even me name in wartune is icey crastal look for me
wyattriddle6824 months ago
it is awesome,
maxwell6 months ago
i like it
psutherlandj736 months ago
i like it cool game
maxwell6 months ago